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At Mother-Daughter Coaching International we inspire, educate, and empower.
We train therapists and coaches around the world how to work with mothers and daughters of all ages.
We provide mothers and daughters with education, relationship help, and free resources.

Rosjke Hasseldine

Executive Director/Founder - Rosjke Hasseldine

My passion for understanding and healing the mother-daughter bond started over thirty years ago when my daughter was born. This led me to graduate with a masters’ degree in Counseling from Indiana University in 1997, gain accreditation and registration with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Professional membership of the American Counseling Association. I have worked with thousands of mothers and daughters from different countries and cultures, developed the Mother-Daughter Attachment ModelTM, and written two books, “The Silent Female Scream” and “The Mother-Daughter Puzzle”. I speak at professional and women’s conferences, have spoken at the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women, and been featured on Canadian television and a HuffPost UK podcast. Through Mother-Daughter Coaching International, I pass on what I have learned to therapists and coaches, and mothers and daughters. For more biographical details visit www.rosjke.com/about-rosjke/

Kim Sedgwick

Director of Operation / Teaching Faculty - Kim Sedgwick

I grew up in a feminist family with close ties to my mother and grandmothers. I benefited greatly from their generational wisdom, and I could also sense the tension. I learned from a young age that mother-daughter relationships are complicated, and I was eager to understand why. This led me to pursue a degree in Gender and Women's Studies and later co-found Red Tent Sisters, a business dedicated to creating a safe space to "talk about the things we don't talk about." In my work as a facilitator and CTI-trained coach, I have had the privilege of connecting with hundreds of women and have experienced firsthand the transformative power of storytelling and giving voice to that which has been silenced. My role with Mother-Daughter Coaching International is a natural extension of my life-long dedication to female empowerment. www.redtentsisters.com

Bibi Jamieson

Teaching Faculty – Bibi Jamieson

I have a very simple view of life - that love makes the world a better place. I believe that healthy relationships are crucial to emotional wellbeing. I have always been fascinated by how our world impacts relationships, and in turn, how these relationships impact our world. I started out volunteering as a premarital guidance counsellor - exploring how individual experiences, cultures, beliefs, values, and family histories impacted how couples relate. To deepen my understanding of relationships and develop my skills further, I trained and certified as an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. This forced me to look at my own relationships and bring shadows to light. I’ve also gone on to train as a Relationship & Couples Therapist, and Womanhood coach. Whilst all these trainings have been beneficial, I still felt there was a gap – the impact of race, culture, and patriarchy in relationships. A lot of the theory I had learned was Eurocentric and mostly written by males. As a Nigerian woman living in the UK, with a mixed-race family, and a very diverse private practice, these theories didn’t seem to consider mine and my clients' lived experiences. I needed more – and stumbling upon one of Rosjke’s articles, I found the missing piece of the puzzle! Mother-Daughter Attachment training considers generational and cultural themes that affect how we relate as mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters. My clients and I have healed, been empowered, and benefited greatly from Rosjke's work. I am honoured and privileged to be a part of this faculty. www.restoretolove.co.uk

Brittney Scott

Teaching Faculty – Brittney Scott

I am the oldest daughter and the mother of a daughter. I am a new mom turning to my mom for support. I feel fulfilled and growing pains from this new role and my own mother-daughter relationship. As a licensed professional counselor, I have worked with many girls and women and noticed that my work always took us back to the relationship with their mother and I was lost on what to do. That is how I found Rosjke and everything clicked! I finally had a tool to help girls and women move past being stuck with how to use their voice and get what they needed from their relationship with their mother. I am so passionate about working with mothers and daughters because it is the most important relationship that we have and the one that changes the most. I enjoy seeing relationship lightbulb moments and healing that is so powerful, that it changes the next generation. When women know how to use their voice, they learn how to get their needs met in a healthy, successful way. I want mothers and daughters to feel confident in their relationships that it spills over into other parts of their lives. I believe that healing happens with knowledge and the mother-daughter puzzle will open your eyes to who your family is and can become. I am honored and excited to be a teaching member of Mother-Daughter Coaching International and be a part of the healing that takes place when mothers and daughters listen to each other. www.unshatteredcounseling.com


Teaching Faculty – Erica Garcia Thomas

I'm the owner of Vita Nova Counseling PLLC located in the Greater Austin area. My passion and niche are helping mothers and daughters find healing and hope in their mother-daughter relationships and assisting women and teenage girls in reclaiming their power and authentic selves. My passion and niche were inspired through both my professional and personal experiences. Through my 18+ years of being a clinician, I’ve seen thousands of women who came to me feeling stuck, only to figure out that part of this was related to their mother-daughter relationship. I too, have had a complicated, unhealthy mother-daughter relationship with my own mother. So I personally know the effects of this. One day, I came across Rosjke’s article featured in Counseling Today called “The Root Cause of Mother-Daughter Conflict.” In that article, she brilliantly and thoughtfully conceptualized mother-daughter relationships in a way I’ve never heard before. This article made me want to learn more from her, so I enrolled in the Mother-Daughter Attachment Training Course and became a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach. I learned so much by taking this course, and it enhanced my professional development. I’m honored to be part of the Mother Daughter Coaching International Teaching Faculty, which not only gives me the privilege of sharing the gift of this training course to colleagues, but I also get to be part of something bigger than myself. www.vncLH.com

Hilary Truong

Teaching Faculty – Hilary Truong

Growing up with two sisters meant that I experienced parts of three mother-daughter relationships. Now as I raise a girl myself, I feel both fulfilled and challenged by my mother-daughter relationships every day. Finding Rosjke’s work felt like coming home.  Rosjke’s model has been the perfect culmination of my work as a Feminist, Child and Family Therapist and Teen Girls Life Coach. In all my years of schooling, the mother-daughter relationship was overlooked and undervalued, which I feel mimics the role of women in society. I am passionate about this work as it gives a voice to the many issues we deal with as mothers and daughters, providing much needed solutions to the challenges that we face with each other and within our patriarchal culture. I am particularly passionate about supporting teen girls and their mothers because during my teen years, I felt a huge divide with my mother and always desired to understand it. I had a sense that it was bigger than the two of us. This experience motivated me to work on my own relationship with my mother and gain a better understanding of all the women in my family, while sharing my knowledge and experience to support mothers with their own daughters. I am delighted and honored to be a founding teaching faculty member of Mother-Daughter Coaching International and continue to support mothers and daughters to grow in their relationships. www.hilarymae.com

Mother-Daughter Coaching International Community Code of Ethics

  1. Honor human rights, dignity, equality, and development.
  2. Foster autonomy and the right to control the direction of one’s life.
  3. Honor diversity and the right to claim who we are.
  4. Promote social justice.
  5. Challenge harmful sexist beliefs and practices.
  6. Safeguard the integrity of the therapist/coach and client relationship.
  7. Work in a competent and ethical manner.
  8. Avoid actions that cause harm.
  9. Comply with MDCI Terms and Conditions.
  10. Comply with MDCI annual maintenance of Certification.
  11. Promote the respect, integrity, and growth of the Mother-Daughter Attachment specialism.
  12. Support and empower MDCI colleagues.