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Hello Counselors, Family Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists,
and Coaches

It is not an exaggeration to say that mother-daughter relationship conflict is a global problem. I make this statement with the confidence that comes from working as a Mother-Daughter Therapist and Coach for more than two decades.

I have never had a shortage of clients to work with. In fact, the ever-increasing demand was the driving force behind my decision to create this course. I felt compelled to teach others how to do this life-altering work.

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For centuries, nearly every culture on the planet has been impacted by a paradigm of patriarchy. That is not a political statement; it’s a factual one. Rest assured, this training is not an exercise in feminist extremism or man-hating.

Quite the contrary; integral to this training is how vitally important men are to empowering mothers and daughters to enjoy emotionally connected bonds in all of their relationships.

The freedom and transformation in this work is as life-giving for the coach or therapist as it is for the clients!

This course is designed to enhance the impact of anyone who works with women or girls and is passionate about empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.


  • Psychotherapists and Counselors
  • Psychologists and Social Workers
  • Life Coaches and Executive Coaches
  • Midwives and Doulas
  • Teachers and Leaders within faith communities or the social services industry


“This course changed my life.

This journey has been a dream come true. Rosjke has become a beacon of empowerment in my life. I will forever be grateful for this experience.”

~ Christina Golden

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If you would like to enhance your career with:

Access to tools to help create a new and better normal for women; a world in which women feel heard, loved, and safe.

A new specialism based on a proven system that offers unlimited potential for global client referrals.

Certification that allows you to communicate your expertise.

These outcomes are not theoretical;

they are based on the concrete results of my own practice using the methods I am offering to share with you.

Upon completing this training you will know how to:

Be a successful Mother-Daughter Coach using my proven Mother-Daughter Attachment ModelTM.

Systematically uncover the themes and issues that cause mother-daughter conflict.

Use Mother-Daughter History Mapping to uncover the generational causes and themes of mother-daughter conflict.

Empower mothers and daughters to create strong, emotionally connected relationships.

Facilitate familial paradigm shifts that lead to women and girls feeling safer at home and in the world. 

The Nitty Gritty of What You Will Learn

Unlike many coach trainings that pack in as many students as possible to maximize profit, Mother-Daughter Attachment Training classes are intentionally small. That’s because getting to know you is important to me, as is providing a format that allows every student the time to be heard.

This is a 10 week course with a 90-minute lesson each week. The format is interactive and rooted in real-world successful experiences working with mothers and daughters.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in each lesson.

  • Week 1: Why mothers and daughters fight

    Introduces you to my proven Mother-Daughter Attachment Model and how to use it with clients.

  • Week 2: Mother-Daughter History Mapping

    You’ll learn what the Mother-Daughter History Map is and practice using it.

  • Week 3: Mother-Daughter History Mapping part 2

    Continue learning how to construct an actual mother-daughter history map and how to facilitate generational change.

  • Week 4: How to listen so that mothers and daughters feel heard

    Learn to listen for the unique subtleties in mother-daughter dialogue.

  • Week 5: Decoding women’s behavior

    Crack the code of those unique words and behaviors to pave your path to successful facilitation.

  • Week 6: Mothers and daughters learning to listen to each other

    Learn to coach mothers and daughters to understand each other and communicate feelings and needs with compassion.

  • Week 7: Stand in Her Shoes Exercise and Mother Blaming

    Explore the toxicity of mother blaming and a powerful exercise for disarming it.

  • Week 8: Mother-Daughter Coaching Template

    Provide you with a 6-session template and how to adapt it for use with individuals or mother-daughter pairs.

  • Week 9: Mother-Daughter Coach as change facilitator

    Examine your role as a change facilitator and how to recognize who will NOT benefit from mother-daughter coaching.

  • Week 10: Graduation and Certification

    Envision your future as a Mother-Daughter Coach; how this model will impact your work; and how it serves to empower women in all of their relationships.


“This course was absolutely wonderful!

Rosjke is such a beautiful and passionate educator who impacts generations of women through the lens of the mother-daughter relationship. Her mapping exercise is life changing and I have witnessed myself how much of an impact it has on people.”

~ Certified Graduate

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Your Commitment

The time and energy commitment for this training parallels that of a graduate class. However, the financial investment is far lower and the rewards far more immediate. It is quite possible to enjoy a full return on your investment in this training in a matter of months.

The total time commitment is 15 hours of “class time”, 50 hours of home study, and 1 hour of individual mentoring, for a total of 66 hours.


Upon successful completion of the training you will hold the title of Certified Mother-Daughter Coach and be able to provide individual and couples therapy/coaching services for mothers and daughters.

Students and Certified Mother-Daughter Coaches agree to keep their professional association membership, license or accreditation, and professional liability insurance current.

Other benefits of Certification include:

  • The ability to use this trademarked logo on your website and other promotional materials.
  • Referrals via the “Find A Coach” Page on
  • Access to ongoing mentoring – exclusively for Certified Mother Daughter Coaches.

In keeping with the mindset of post-graduate learning, paying tuition does not guarantee certification. Passing this course requires successful completion of homework assignments and demonstrating that you have mastered the ideas and exercises outlined in the Mother-Daughter Attachment Model TM.

Every effort is made to help you successfully pass. For example; if you pass in an unsatisfactory assignment, you will receive detailed, written feedback about how to produce a satisfactory result.

Additionally, students are expected to attend every lesson. For privacy reasons, lessons are not recorded (nor allowed to be recorded) so there is no ability for “make up” after a missed lesson.

How to Enroll

The first step is to submit an application.

The 2020 start dates for the 10-week training course are:-

Monday January 20 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)
Wednesday March 4 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)
Monday September 14 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)
Wednesday September 30 at 3pm EST (8pm UK)

Once your application is received, Rosjke will contact you to schedule an interview. This is a critical step in the process, as it provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about the program and make sure it is the right fit for you before making a financial commitment.


Tuition for this professional training program is $2,900 or £2,300 and includes:
  • 10 live online sessions.
  • 2 one-on-one, 30-minute bonus lessons with Rosjke
  • The Mother-Daughter Attachment Training Journal
  • A complimentary copy of Rosjke’s book, The Mother-Daughter Puzzle

Payment must be made in full prior to the beginning of the first class.

Installment plans are available; please ask.


Special Bonus: When you pay in full with a single payment, you will receive a complimentary of Rosjke’s book, The Silent Female Scream.

Refund policy: Cancellations made in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the first class will be refunded in full. No refunds will be issued beyond that date. Tuition will not be refunded upon course withdrawal, non-completion or failure.

If anything you’ve read here resonates, I strongly encourage you to fill out an application so that we may discuss how Mother-Daughter Coach Certification can amplify your income and your impact on the women you work with now, and for countless generations to come!




“It is a game changer!

The mother-daughter relationship impacts all of our relationships, the choices we make, and how we feel about ourselves. This course will teach you your worth as a woman and how to empower other women with the same. Why wouldn’t you want to learn more about all of this with a curious mind and an open heart?”

~ Angela Forth

Space is limited, Apply Now


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