Train to become a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach

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Great News – the world’s first Mother-Daughter Coach Training Course is finally here!

Mother-Daughter Coaching is a truly female centered community and specialism, based on Rosjke Hasseldine’s ground-breaking work with thousands of mothers and daughters of all ages and from different parts of the world.

In the training, and in her book The Mother-Daughter PuzzleTM, Rosjke makes the complicated, and often misunderstood, dynamics between mothers and daughters easy to understand.

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The World’s first Mother-Daughter Relationship Training

Course benefits

  • 1. Increase your skills, your client base, and your earning potential.
  • 2. Increase your ability to emotionally empower your female clients, champion women’s rights, and facilitate generational change.
  • 3. Better understanding of your own and your female clients’ mother-daughter history.
  • 4. Market yourself as a Certified Mother-Daughter CoachTM  and use the logo on your website and advertizing materials.
  • 5. Contact details listed on the Find a Certified Mother-Daughter Coach page.
  • 6. Join this female centered community of mother-daughter specialists.
  • 7. Receive training and mentorship from Rosjke, the mother of Mother-Daughter Coaching.

Course Objectives

  • 1. Learn to be a successful mother-daughter therapist/coach, seeing mothers and daughters individually or as a couple.
  • 2. Learn how to uncover the themes and issues that cause mother-daughter conflict.
  • 3. Learn to have an in-depth understanding of the Mother-Daughter Coaching Model TM.
  • 4. Learn how to empower mothers and daughters to listen to themselves and each other, and create strong, emotionally connected relationships.
  • 5. Learn how to map your female clients’ Mother-Daughter HistoryTM, uncovering what is causing mother-daughter conflict, the themes and issues that are passed down the generations, and how to facilitate generational change and relationship healing.

Video – The Mother-Daughter Coaching Model

Course Structure

Lesson 1

Why do mothers and daughters fight and mother-daughter history mapping.

Lesson 2

What do mothers and daughters want from each other?

Lesson 3

How can mothers and daughters listen to and understand each other?

Lesson 4

How can mothers and daughters facilitate generational change?

Lesson 5

Mother-daughter therapist/coach as generational change facilitator.

Rosjke talks about the Mother-Daughter Relationship at the United Nations 61st Commission on the Status of Women

Who can apply?

This postgraduate course is open to qualified, practicing mental health professionals and coaches.
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How can I train?

Individual pathway

This pathway gives you individual tuition from Rosjke, either in her office in New Hampshire, USA, or through Zoom.

Lessons are 90 minutes long, costing $1,795 USD or £1,200 GBP — which includes all instructional material except required texts and the materials listed to map your clients’ mother-daughter history.

The beauty of this pathway is that you have Rosjke’s full attention and you can start any time.

Click here to download the syllabus and apply to train with Rosjke


Online Class pathway

This pathway offers the best of both worlds, a small online class with like-minded students and individual tuition from Rosjke. Each member receives 2 individual lessons with Rosjke during the course, each being 30 minutes long.  

Online classes are 90 minutes long, through Zoom, costing $1,795 USD or £1,200 GBP — which includes all instructional material except required texts and the materials listed to map your clients’ mother-daughter history.

The total time commitment for :

  • Individual students

    7.5 hours of tuition + 25 hours of home study = 32.5 hours.

  • Class participation

    8.5 hours of tuition + 25 hours of home study = 33.5 hours.

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