The people listed below have successfully completed the Mother-Daughter Attachment Training Course and are Certified Mother-Daughter Coaches


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Tips on Finding a Mother-Daughter Coach

The most important factor when choosing a Mother-Daughter Coach is fit. We recommend you contact three coaches from the list below via their email or website (where applicable). While all the coaches have been certified through Mother-Daughter Coaching International, some coaches have additional expertise that may be relevant. We encourage you to ask them questions and determine if the coach's approach is aligned with your specific needs.

Most coaches offer virtual appointments. Therefore, geographic location may not be relevant. However, please note that some therapists are only licensed to practice within their state in America. They can advise you on any limitations when you contact them directly.

Please note that we do not offer referral recommendations. Clients are responsible for their own research and selection process.

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Czech Republic flag china

Hana Callaghan ACC Life Coach

Ireland Ireland-flag-icon

Sandra Gorman MS MIACP (Accredited)

Cathy Green NCS (Accred) MBACP Reg

Sarah Grier BA (Hons) PGDip FITOL MLPI MinstLM

India India-flag-icon

Indonesia Indonesia-flag-icon

Monica Sri Sunaringsih BA MSc Clinical Psychologist

Italy Italy-flag-icon

Maura Brivio

Middle East

Nora Portnell MSc MBACP

Nigeria flags-Nigeria

POLAND Poland-flag

Agatha Penney MBACP Accred.

UAE united-arab-emirates-flag

Sandra Gorman MS MIACP (Accredited)

UK UK-flag-icon


Jane Cross MBACP ACTO (Advanced)

Sarah Grier BA (Hons) PGDip FITOL MLPI MinstLM

Netifnet Arthur-Hawkes MBACP

Hayley Barker-Smith BA (Hons) DipHe, IIHHT MBACP

Maura Brivio

Philomena Forsyth MBACP (Accred)

Jodi Pilcher Gordon MBACP

Sandra Gorman MS MIACP (Accredited)

Cathy Green NCS (Accred) MBACP Reg

Janet Higgins MSc Ed Psych MBACP

Candice Hone BA(Hons) MBACP (Accredited)

Stephanie Jory MBACP


Mindi Kane Dip Couns. MBACP BFRP

Melanie Lowe MBACP


Dillian Maas UKCP (Accredited) MBACP

Susannah McIntosh BACP Accredited

Karen O’Neill MA BACP Snr Accredited

Agatha Penney MBACP Accred.

Nora Portnell MSc MBACP

Jo Reader MSc MBACP

Sally Richards MBACP Accredited

Rachel Rogers BSc MA MBACP



Northern Ireland

Cathy Green NCS (Accred) MBACP Reg


Susannah McIntosh BACP Accredited


Sarah Grier BA (Hons) PGDip FITOL MLPI MinstLM


Hana Callaghan ACC Life Coach

Angel Devone

Nicole Flower

Randi Kofsky MS LMFT

Patty McGrath LPCC-S LICDC

Sanja Medich MA LMHC

Nneka J. Owens LPC NCC

Nora Portnell MSc MBACP

Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino MA LCAT CGP

Julia Sorescu  Julia Sorescu CPC (ICF Certified Professional Coach)

Erica Thomas LCSW MSSW

Hilary Truong  Hilary Truong MA LPC

Note: These Therapists have completed the Certified Mother-Daughter Coach Training course. Because Rosjke Hasseldine and Mother-Daughter Coaching International LLC does not supervise or exercise any control over this referral service, we cannot make any warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the information or advice provided by this referral service. In no event shall Rosjke Hasseldine or Mother-Daughter Coaching International LLC be liable for any decision or action taken in reliance on information provided by this referral service.